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200 GPM

Water Witching

Is An Expensive Trial & Error Technique-1100 ft

2 gpm, Ramona    _

Geological Survey - Ground Water                                             

Electromagnetic Surveys Identify

  The “Heart”

                        Of  - “The Aquifer”

  San Diego water wells.

    Riverside water wells.

      San Bernardino, water wells.

        Los Angeles water wells.




Survey - Water Collects In Fractures - Before You Drill - FIRST Locate Fracture Zones - Water Zones - “Do Not Drill Blindly” - Drillers Want You To Drill Blindly To A Depth Of 1000 or 1500 Feet - For Bigger Profit - Your Expense, $20K Up To $50K "+" - 80% Of Wells Are Bad or Basically Low Producers Due To Driller's Recommendations - With A Low Gallon Per Minute Well, The Well Will Not Sustain At The "So Called Driller's " Rated Output Flow - All Deep Wells With Only 10 gpm Or Less, Peter Out - Today The Price For A Pump Will Be The Same Price As Your Well - Get A Bid From An Independent Pump Company - Haste Makes Waste - Get Informed And Save - See Important Video, 1 of 4 -

Average depth of Drilling-On-Computer Targets - 200 to 500 feet.

There is no need to drill blindly down to 1000 or 1500 feet.

For each 100 feet not drilled, you save $2,500.oo in drilling expenses.


El Cajon Vista Riverside Well Ramona Well

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Drilling Blindly - Failures

Near a power pole or using Water-Witching

See:   Water-witching video.

Drillers want you to Drill Blindly for huge profits.

It is legally unjust to encourage you to drill blindly, for convenience near electricity, or to use water-witching or to use deficient geo-services like the Seismoelectric aka Electro Seismic eks, (read “Limitations”)

or taking a shot in the dark.

August 2017. Email.  Drilling Blindly happens across USA. North Carolina

On Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 1:23 PM, davidchoule <david…..@b…> wrote:

The second well was stopped at 900 feet (!) today, …. My neighbor estimates that he has $28,000 invested in two very low producing wells, maybe a quart a minute for the 1200 foot well. My property is right next to his, you can bet your bottom dollar that I am not going any further without some definite information.




June 24, 2017. Hello,  My name is Mike F., I live in Ca. This week I had a family  friend (…..well drilling …. Ca)  drill me a well on a 5 acre parcel…. he came out and witched two spots and one he said was a larger fracture …. he drilled.  He did not call me until 670 feet and said we have to try a little more around 840-860 feet second call was at 960 feet.  We were all done here…. he hasn’t sent me the bill yet but I am definitely not going to pay full price for a 1 gpm well at 1000 feet total.  ….  my area its  ….  County, Ca,  ….  If you have any reputable  drillers in my area i would appreciate any information.  Thanks Mike


       Flushed down the toilet.  Some people just have the money.

       ““The Driller Always Wins””

                                “”be prepared to drill two (2) wells””

       Stehly Bros. Like all drillers, Drills Blindly, BEWARE.

       Most all drillers convince homeowners to drill blindly.                              

       See Point #6 below.

       Warden stated to another client, that “it sometimes happens”.  This is a        false statement.  Warden has drilled numerous deep low yield wells in the        Ramona area etc.  Warden’s second well for the same client, 600 feet,        small seepage.  Client stopped the drilling.

       Neighbor, Nolan, hird Radar Water and received 60 gpm.

       Nolan is higher in elevation up on a hill,  see;

       Happens all of the TIME.  


Advanatages of Computer Generated Targets - SAVINGS of $2,400 "+" for each 100 feet not drilled - More water at less depth - 40% savings in pump equipment - Most computer targets average 200 to 500 feet in depth - No need to drill to 1000 or 1500 feet (See Well Log Depth Bottom Of Page) incurring an expense Of $30K to $60K for a poor or low producting well -

State of the art instrumentation, a scientific approach images geological structures beneath the surface.  For a viable water well the driller needs to intersect MAJOR fracturing, that is where water collects.

Depth estimations up to 600 feet. “+”  read more

We identify these fractured/porous zones, it’s size, shape, density,

to take the guess work out of “Where To Drill”.

Most of these wells were water-witched.

What makes this computer technique very successful, it is not identifing a SINGLE fracture 200 or 400 feet in the earth, no driller can drill straight enough to hit a fracture at that depth, this computer identifies a ZONE of fractured earth where more water would collect for a viable water well. Drillers will tell you that for water they have to drill into fractured earth.
Many drillers through-out California will tell you that technology does not work. They are lying to you. DO NOT hire that driller. The driller wants you to know / believe that he knows where water is. All drillers can drill but the driller that snowballs you into believing that he knows where the water is, GETS THE JOB. Drillers are not educated Geologists or Hydrologist, To reduce your risk go for a water survey and save $10k or more.
Water Witching
Average depth of a water well utilizing a computer generated target is 300 feet - price 300 feet x $25/foot = $7,500 - includes sleeving - NO pump - Pump is normally 60% the price of a well - Drilling BLINDLY cost, driller's price of a water well quoted to client Brandon, De Luz area, $50,000.oo - Also stating you may need to drill 2 wells, stating it is a 50 / 50 chance of hitting water, (false statement, it's less than 80% drilling blindly) - The Price of $50K did not include the pump. Drilling deep your pump can cost from 25K to 90 K when drilling off target.

Radar Water is a professional service noted by

Michigan Technological University

Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences.

See the number one Reference.

 Most drillers will try and talk you out of drilling on a

Computer Generated Target.

Shady Drillers want you to drill blindly.  

No ordinary driller has the tooling / expertise / talent-experience

to drill thru the fractured vertical extent of the heart of the aquifer.  

You will need the services of a very good driller, if you require

to extract the full potential / yield from your aquifer.

First see….Video 1 of 4, explains it all (what we do).

“Computer Targets” successes

  1. Nancy Horwin  Date: 8/16/17 11:50 AM (GMT-08:00)

Hi Tony,

Drove to our cell signal spot to give you heads up. Hit water at 265 feet. Drilled to 300' and stopped there.  Gues-stimate 20g per min.  D.G. until 240' then crumbly rock.  ….. We are very pleased.… You found the water, ….. Thanks!!

Driller just tested output 8-17-17 @ 35 gpm.

Just over a mile high, in elevation,

on a peak, Mt. Palomar.

  1. Campo, Ca. San Diego, 8-01-2017.  2nd. Well drilled produced 400 gallons per minute (gpm).  Driller was Fain drilling.  

       Acme drilling, Chad A. Stated to Radar Water that in Campo you cannot get        any more water than 15 gpm from a well.  Chad does not know anything        about water based on the 400 gpm output!  Campo driller stated that        the farm will have to drill 6 wells to get the  water they need.  YES!  If        you are using water witching. Video is the Property of Water-Well-Info-llc.

  1. Campo, Ca. San Diego, Riverside.  This video (13 seconds)  is the drilling rig, well being completed.  Three (3) drillers mentioned that all you would get in Campo, Ca. if you are lucky, is no more than a 15 gpm water well. Drillers want you to Drill Blindly.  Acme Drilling, Chad A. talks people into drilling blindly either by drilling near electric or using water-witching, as if he is the authority  on where water is.  Radar Water target produced 150 gpm in Campo, Ca. On 8-26-2017.  Driller was Fain drilling.

  1. Julian, San Diego, YMCA Camp.  Recent well selected by a local water witcher.  1000 feet, can maybe pump 5 gpm.  Recommended to Radar Water by a Julian water company.  Needed to know if the aquifer extended and in which direction.  Drilled, 65 gpm at 185 feet, drilled to 400 feet.

       Video to come.


  1. Fallbrook, Water well drilling. 200 gpm.  RadarWater.Com computer generated target yield 200 gpm.  The Radar target was selected between two dry holes recently drilled to depth.  “If you have the acreage, you have the WATER”  

  1. Poway, 6-15-2017.  Another Radar target, 100 gpm well.  Driller was Acme Drilling. Contractor has used drillers for the past 20 “+” years and drillers stated that wells in this area, Scripps Poway Parkway, have to be 1000 “+” feet deep. Radar Water told contractor that with water-witching one has to drill very deep.  Contractor and most neighbors have seepage wells 1000 “+” feet.  Cannot pump continuously to fill up a water tank.  Radar Water profiled for his new neighbors, stated to contractor, profile looks like a 50 gpm well.  Well produced 120 gpm for her new home and 5 acre lot.  Video of drilling rig to come.  Driller brought around 1200 feet of drill stem to the job.  Homeowner’s savings in drilling expense, around $15 thousand.

       Driller did not drill thru the full vertical extent of the aquifer, afraid of        damaging his drill due to highly fractured, but that is where the water is.

       If you want the full potential from a computer

       generated target, you need to hire the better

       driller, not any beginner.

  1. YMCA Julian. John Smith, May 13 2017:  Hey Tony, In the well drillers report we got our first water at 113 ft. at 30 gpm, than again at 156 ft. at 20 gpm, and then at 189 ft. at 10 gpm. after that there was nothing to 410 ft. So we have a total of 60 gpm. and that will do us just fine. I'm planning to set the pump at 380 ft.
  2. 12-01-2016 Ramona, Ca.  Nolan Stergeon received 60 gpm, hill top.

       Adjacent neighbor 100 feet lower

       in elevation, at driller’s direction

       (John Warden) drilled two (2) basically

       worthless seepage wells at a

       combined price of around $25K expense.

  1. Neighbor went with the decision of two (2) Ramona’s well driller’s - $25K received 2 dry wells, 1000 & 600 feet, seepage only. Warden Drilling ???.

  1. Alpine, Japatu Road, Ca. Steve a landscaper, at Sunshine-Lawn-And-Gardens, July 20, 2016, computer target  received 75 Gallons Per Minute, 660 feet, Driller was Paul D. From Campo.

  1. Escondido, Ca. 12-2015 Old well dried up. Computer generated target yield, 50 gpm @ 500 feet, Fain Drilling.
  2. Santa Isabel, 2016, 70 gpm @ 200 feet, on top of a peak.  Driller AAA Drilling.
  3. DeLuz Murrieta 2015, 300 gpm Driller DeChenne. Read client emails.
  4. Valley Center, Ca. 100+ gpm @ 310 feet.  Driller Stehly Bros.
  5. Escondido, 2016, Ca. Rangeland road area.  65 gpm.  Driller Stehly Bros.
  6. Fallbrook Golf Course, Ca. 200 gpm. Video is up. Driller Fain Drilling.
  7. Murrieta, LaCresta, 10-14-2015, Russ DeChenne Drilling could not or would not complete the drilling on two computer generated targets. Talked the client[s] into moving off of both computer targets. Driller could not, supposedly, set up his rig to drill for Bryan, second client.  Computer targeted water zones are hard to drill for most all of the drillers in Riverside.  Moved off of the first target.  Second computer area, had to meet set-backs, yield 60 + gpm for the first client.  
  8. Second client in LaCresta, Bryan McCoy, not happy  with DeChenne Drilling.

Email Excerpt;  Julie, Fallbrook, Ca.  Drillers know water collects in fractures.

Joe Fain (driller) asked me to be sure that each fractured area was part of a large enough area to make sure there would be enough water available even in times of extreme drought.  The reason he gave was that there should be a sufficiently large fractured area to insure an adequate source of water in case of drought.

This area of Alpine, most of the neighbors wells are under 10 gpm down to seepage.  You can not pump 24/7 on a low gpm hole.  

Do Not Drill Blindly

Eliminate / Minimize Your Risk

JulieAudio 1500Ft dry well.wav


Click Me

Happens when you Drill Blindly with all drillers frequently.

$30K, Gone with the wind.

Magee Road Pauma 6-20-17 Final-short====.wav
Hedge your loses, Driller will first ask you where you want the new well - takes the responsibility off of the driller, Or driller will state - this flat area is where I can park the trucks, Or You can save a thousand of dollar if you drill near the electric power pole, Or driller will recommend a water-witcher stating fabulous success, Or driller will witch a spot to drill, Shady drillers will have you hold the witching device to convince you that there is a reaction for you to "Drill Blindly". See the "Water-Witching" video and listen to speaker boxes below.

Guess who drilled this hole.  Your right, Stehly Bros.

Stehly Bros Drilling drills a lot of bad wells.  Water-Witched

Here is another one. 6-2017

Cost $43 K

Magee Road Pauma 6-20-17 Final-short====.wav

Francisco asked for a business card, October 2017 - going to drill a well - we already did, 1700 feet, Stehly Bros drilled it, no water - how much did that cost - $43 thousand - as I was presenting my business card I asked, going to drill another well - we already did, 1700 feet, no water, another $43K. $86 thousand, around two weeks work. Ouch!

NEW - Computer Approach

Old Method - Water Witching

Ctrl  “+”

Expands  Video

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